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Do you know exactly what’s preventing you from getting what you want?

It’s not what you know that hurts you…it’s what you don’t know!

About Me

Hi, my name is Trish Marks a business coach who specialises in Stopping Self Sabotage.

I’ve helped 100s of clients move past “stages of being stuck” in their lives. This experience has led me to discover the patterns that create resistance to positive changes in life and business.

And I show people like you how to:

  • Experience less rejection
  • Stop making more mistakes
  • Stop getting left behind
  • Get out of your own way
  • Have less conflict in your relationships

Working together we will go through a step by step process that will take you on the journey to reach your true potential resulting in you leading a more impactful level of success in your life.

What clients are saying about Trish!

“What do you want? No, what do you want?” This is what Trish asked me during our second session of coaching. These are the words that changed my thinking pattern. I could still ‘save the world’ or at least my patch. I could still use my expertise and years of experience but starting with me helped me to define what it was I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. How could I identify what the world wanted or needed if I couldn’t identify my own wants and needs”

Cathy S

“Trish has a genuine interest in helping her clients achieve the results they need and her ability to see beyond the spoken word is brilliant. By revisiting my values and defining them, I achieved a clearer understanding of who my ideal clients are and what I need to adjust in order to attract them.”

Kathleen B

“Trish is one of the “standout” people, I have been fortunate to know and share with. I learnt to be more intuitive about my own core beliefs in both my personal and professional life.”

Susie E

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